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Netanyahu: No Lebanon will be on the map

March 2, 2012

Netanyahu: No Lebanon will be on the map

At a news conference in Switzerland, on the occasion of the building an Israeli railway there, the German newspaper Die Zeit interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

“Congratulations Mr. Netanyahu, my first question is that does the beginning of the large train line’s construction confirm the announcement of the dissident Syrian Intelligence Office that you will strike Lebanon?”

In reply, Netanyahu stated:

“Yes, and it is not a secret that it will happen with U.S.-Gulf support and that is why they have been warned, but before you ask, you have a look at the new map of the world and see that there is no nation with this name.

Also some great comments underneath this article in the Pravda by a @Leo EuroBand Australia.
I copied one for you and you can read it after you click ‘read more’.

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William Guy Carr

March 2, 2012

This is a 100 minute recording of a speech given by Commander William Guy Carr in Chicago just before his death in 1957. His message stands the test of time and is relevant for us today.

Commander Carr, the famous author of “Red Fog Over America” and “Pawns In The Game” gives a comprehensive political and philosophical overview of the Illuminati-International Banker conspiracy to undermine all nations and create a one world government.



Van Rompuy 2nd Term

March 2, 2012

“Exctacts of the acceptance speech by Herman VAN ROMPUY, appointed today President of the European Council for a second term, during the meeting of Heads of State and Government, in Brussels.

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*Meet Haiku Herman, Will Europe make him, A very famous Belgian?

“…Mr Van Rompuy says his Jesuit upbringing imbued him with a strong European identity. “When I was a student, the memory of the war was still fresh in everyone’s minds. So our teachers organised exchanges with students from other European Jesuit colleges in Europe.”

Udate 3-3-2012:

*Herman Van Rompuy’s delusions of grandeur underscore the folly of the European project


Fed Reserve Caught Red Handed

March 2, 2012

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*81 High-Ranking Resignations from World Banks

“81 (and counting) CEOs and Executives from World Banks have resigned this month. Is this a consequence to the $16 trillion fraud exposed by the White Hats or is there something else going on behind the closed curtains?
What’s your take on this one?”

*Greece: The Epicenter of Global Pillage

“Predatory bankers make serial killers look good by comparison. Their business model creates crises to facilitate grand theft, financial terrorism, and debt entrapment.”

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