A Different Kind of Apartheid

February 17, 2012

Ayanda Kota, Chairperson of the Grahamstown-based Unemployed People’s Movement (UPM), empties buckets of waste into the Makana municipal building as a part of the OccupyGrahamstown protest and to protest the bucket system in the township.

The bucket system is a system whereby families are given a bucket to share instead of toilets and plumbing being installed. Buckets are collected and emptied twice a week.”

*Grahamstown activist arrested for book theft

“Police tried to arrest Kota after he presented himself at the police station to respond to charges that he had stolen two books from a Rhodes University lecturer last year, and had borrowed another and failed to return it. An altercation ensued.

According to the UPM, Kota was assaulted by police officers and dragged, bleeding to the holding cells as his six-year-old son looked on. But the police maintain that Kota tried to resist arrest and that it was he who had assaulted police.”

*Writing campaign to Dutch parliament highlights Afrikaner plight


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