Israel blames Iran for bombings

February 14, 2012

“Israel is blaming Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah for near-simultaneous car bomb attacks on diplomatic targets in India and Georgia.
In New Delhi, the wife of Israel’s defence attache was among four people hurt. Witnesses say a man on a motorcycle stuck a device onto her car when it stopped at a traffic signal.
A bomb beneath a diplomat’s car in Tbilisi was safely defused.
Iran denies any involvement but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is convinced that the attacks bear Tehran’s hallmark.”

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*Israel Blames Iran for Convenient Bombing

“Iran clearly has nothing to gain by bombing Israeli targets abroad, especially in nations like India where such an act would not only give the West the provocation it is on record trying to “goad” out of Tehran for years, but also one that would unsettle relations with India which would directly effect the conflict in Afghanistan festering on Iran’s eastern border.”


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  1. De laatste bommengooier kreeg een koekje van eigen deeg.
    De bom ketste terug met gevolg dat meneer nu beide benen kwijt is. ja Allah keek even de verkeerde kant op denk ik zodat zijn volgeling even onbeschermt was. Foutje bedankt. Hopelijk zit zijn zaakje er nog aan anders hebben die maagden straks ook al niets aan hem.

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