Hundreds of Dead Dolphins Peru

February 14, 2012

“More than 200 dead dolphins have washed ashore in Chiclayo. Officials haven’t ruled out hunting. Warning, some may find pictures disturbing.
Report by Mark Morris.”

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*260 Dead Dolphins Scattered on Shoreline of Peru, Just Days After Mysterious U.S. Incident

“Just days after news surfaced about the dead dolphins washing up on the Cape Cod shore, over 260 dolphins were found dead off the Chiclayo shore of Peru. Dolphins were scattered on 66-miles of shoreline north of Lima.

Unlike the Cape Cod incident, where dolphins continue to beach themselves requiring rescue, the Peru dolphins appeared to be already dead. The cause is a complete mystery.”



  1. Breaking: “Fukushima falling apart..”

  2. @Dr. John
    Nu al bijna ‘n jaar…

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