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Psychopaths And The Multicultural Myth

February 13, 2012

Psychopaths And The Multicultural Myth

“Whereas Stalin’s immigration policy was at the point of a gun, the European policy is much more subtle, it’s done by economics. The objective is very simple. Once the populations’ culture has been destroyed and they have no hope, they are then easily controlled. Create an economic slump and degradation whilst promulgating the notion that the indigenous population are lazy and don’t want to work. That creates resentment and ultimately civil unrest. It divides society and creates race hate. In addition to this, all totalitarian governments endeavour to break up the family unit, thus creating disharmony and a population of inner city feral youths.

This can be clearly seen today along with deliberate dismantling of the countries industry, thus creating high unemployment. Degradation leads to riots, race hate and a break down of law and order. Eventually the government creates a police state in order to, in their words, maintain law and order.”

by Ford Perfect

*Lou Dobbs exposes the Jesuit Order live on CNN (YouTube)

“Lou Dobbs speaking to Fr. Tom Reese S.J from Georgetown University says “You didnt answer a single question I asked father, but then again YOU’RE A JESUIT, you can get away with that”. On the same day, October 5th 2009, his home was fired upon by a drive-by shooter just missing his wife standing outside. He resigned a month later.”


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