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Powered Cockroaches

February 12, 2012

Scientists suck power from cockroaches, Matrix-style

“An enzyme in the cockroach implanted biofuel cell breaks down sugars in the digestive tract, to form two simpler sugars called monosaccharides. Then a second enzyme oxidizes the monosaccharides resulting in the release of electrons.

The power isn’t much at around 100 microwatts, but it may lead to a power source for tiny embedded electronics that turn the cockroaches into mini espionage cyborgs. All they need now is a way to steer the cockroaches. I find they tend to scatter and disappear when you turn on a light.”

*Implanted biofuel cell converts bug’s chemistry into electricity


The Xanax Habit

February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston was also taking Xanax, a psychiatric anti-anxiety drug

“Remember: for every celebrity death caused by prescription drugs, there are hundreds of thousands of deaths of everyday people from prescription drugs, too. In fact, according to published scientific statistics:

Prescription drugs kill 200,000 Americans every year — even when taken as directed and not abused!


Obama Signs Executive Order On Iran

February 12, 2012

Obama Invokes NDAA Declaring Threat From Iran A National Emergency

“The executive order directs all government agencies to respond immediately to the threat. It further invokes the authority of the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which gives the President the power to launch military action against any nation without the approval of Congress.

Ironically, the State of Emergency order also accuses the Iranian central bank of deceptive banking practices.”

Some days ago, but it had gone unnoticed by me.


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