Dial “M” for Meltdown

January 22, 2012

“After seeing the destruction in Japan from the Earthquake and Tsunami. Then Fukushima Nuclear Facility melted down before my very eyes on television. I knew something was not right. My research and investigations were met with dead ends, false readings/answers, and lies. I decided to create this video to make sure the history of Commercial Nuclear power was documented and presented to a younger generation. I found most of the public was turned off by the complex nature of Nuclear Physics, even if what they didn’t know was going to kill them and their loved ones.

Meeting Arnold Gundersen and his wife Maggie only opened my eyes to the dangers our country and civilization face because of decisions made decades ago and the lies created to further the nuclear agenda. Their constant truthful testimony against the nuclear industry and their shortcuts and obfuscating, should be a real awakening to the public at large. Creative inspiration came from the GOOD Nuclear Weapons video.”

Uploaded by The Citizen Journals

*Cancer Risk To Young Children Near Fukushima Daiichi Underestimated

(Via @Dr. John)



  1. Is dit dan het antwoord voor de toekomst.
    Nuclear fusion is an attempt to reproduce the energy of the Sun in an Earth-based reactor system. When gas is heated to several million degrees, it becomes plasma.


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