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Killer RoundUp

December 21, 2011

“We all want a garden we can be proud of; somewhere to relax with a tea and the Sunday papers. But all too often our enjoyment is spoilt by unwanted weeds around the garden which look unsightly and compete with our treasured plants.”

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*Toxic botulism in animals linked to RoundUp

*Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Crops Leading to Mental Illness, Obesity

*Monsanto’s Carcinogenic Roundup Herbicide Contaminating Water Supply

“New research has confirmed what myself and other health-conscious individuals have been saying about Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup — the carcinogenic chemical it contains known as glyphosate has been found to be contaminating the groundwater in areas where it is being applied.

What does this mean? It means that toxic glyphosate is now polluting the world’s drinking water through the widespread contamination of aquifers, wells and springs.”

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