Vril and Thule Society

December 16, 2011


“The solar system of Aldebaran is 68 light-years from Earth, and two inhabited planets. The inhabitants of this solar system are subdivided into masters, White God-like people (Aryans) and other different human races. These latter developed because of climatic changes on the individual planets.”

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*The Vril Society became the “inner circle” of
The Thule Society

“Michael Prescott and the Thule Society are now coming out more in the open, just like Supriem did during 2009. Here is a brand new, 2 minutes long YouTubeVideo, presented by Michael Prescott, in which he is starting to introduce his and Thules mission.”

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*Welcome to The Thule Society Official
USA Web Site.

Disclaimer: Just presenting food for thought.


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