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A US-Backed Military Junta in Egypt

November 23, 2011

Live video courtesy: Al-Masry Al-Youm TV

*A US-Backed Military Junta in Egypt Was Always The Plan

“US investigative journalist Ralph Schoenman explained during his interview with Press TV today the relationship between Egypt’s ruling military junta and Washington DC. Schoenman states, ”The relationship between the US and the SCAF – the Supreme Council Armed Forces – is that of the imperial sponsor and sustainer relying upon the Supreme Council Armed Forces to maintain not merely the dictatorship, but the oligarchy in power; the protection of capitalism in Egypt on the part of the tiny oligarchy that has usurped all financial, economic and political power for itself.””

*Egypt’s Secret Police Renames Itself “Homeland Security”

“Notorious human rights abusers draw inspiration from US authorities”

Update 24-11-2011:

*Egyptian Military Using Nerve Gas on Protesters

“The Egyptian military has been using a banned chemical agent to deal with hundreds of thousands of protesters, according to several news sources.

At least 23 Egyptians have died and more than 1,700 have succumbed to a lethal gas military forces have been using during the past three days in clashes in and around Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The International Business Times reports that demonstrators have been struck with “dangerous levels of CR gas over the past two days of protests” and Australia’s The Age said Wednesday that the canisters are marked “Made in the USA.”


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