Paedophile Ring Exposed

November 9, 2011


“I have had countless surprises and many shocks as I have lifted the stone and seen what horrors lie beneath, but few more than the scale of child abuse and Satanism.

And that’s the word – scale. The fact that it is happening is one thing, but to realise how widespread and fundamental it is to establishment power all over the world was truly shocking.”

*Scottish Establishment Paedophile Ring Exposed

“Reporter Robert Green was arrested in Aberdeen for the crime of seeking justice and an investigation into the case of Down’s Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who says she was serially-raped over a decade by an establishment paedophile ring operating in Scotland.”

*When Speaking the Truth Becomes a Crime, Freedom of Speech is on Trial

“Robert Green stands alone in a Stonehaven Court accused of “breach of the peace” for reporting the truth.
If you can get there please attend! Your presence and support is needed in this landmark case.”
(Monday 14th November, 10 AM – Stonehaven Court, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

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Update 14-11-2011:

*Sandusky Part of Illuminati Pedophile Network

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