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A Critical Call to Action

November 5, 2011

“This is a critical call to action #OccupyWallStreet. We must first end the global central banks and jail the criminals they employ before we can talk demands.”

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*Accusations Of Treason In The Greek Parliament Against Bilderberg PM Papandreou
(Date of article:30-5-2011)


Wall Street is Washington

November 5, 2011

“Occupy protesters demonstrate resilience to crackdowns and cynicism in the media but it is still unclear what lies ahead for the movement. While camping out and singing songs is one thing, getting the right politicians elected quite another. The movement is unified and people are waking up to the two-party dictatorship, and realizing that the political system does not represent them anymore.”

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*David Icke – Engineered Economic Collapse Explained


Bank Transfer Day

November 5, 2011

“This Will Send a CLEAR MESSAGE to Both Politicians and Banks!!!
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*The ‘banxodus’ has begun


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