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The China Currency Bill

October 13, 2011

Peter Schiff on Sun News Network’s Charles Adler show talking about the recently passed China Currency bill.”

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*Why the China currency bill deserves a second look


“Nobody Could Make That Up, Right?”

October 13, 2011


“The idea that they would attempt to go to a Mexican drug cartel to solicit murder-for-hire to kill the Saudi ambassador? Nobody could make that up, right?”

*Reports: CIA Working with Mexican Drug Cartels

*They’re known as “Los Zetas”

“They were the elite “special forces” of the Mexican military, trained in the U.S. at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia and sent to “wipe out” one of the most powerful Mexican drug cartels according to anonymous US Government sources.

Investigators say the feared bands of ex-military elite forces are operating in Texas and other parts of the United States unchecked.”

*Meet the Newest CIA Death Squad Called ‘Los Matazetas’ (Killers of Zetas)

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