Are we playing God?

September 27, 2011

“Genetic modification of our food. Is it a good idea?

Short answer: It could be, if it’s done right. It could also be a very bad idea if it’s done wrong.

There is one instance where a transgene was observed to cross into wild plants. This occurred between very closely related grass species.

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*Monsanto Denies Superinsect Science

“As the summer growing season draws to a close, 2011 is emerging as the year of the superinsect—the year pests officially developed resistance to Monsanto’s genetically engineered (ostensibly) bug-killing corn.”

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  1. Hondenfokkers spelen voor God, Kanariepiet telers spelen voor God, duivenmelkers spelen voor God, bloemkwekers spelen voor God en zaadtelers spelen voor God. Als we vrijen en kindjes maken spelen we ook voor God want we creëren (met z’n tweeën) een mensje.

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