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September 10, 2011

“Exit’s pro-choice, voluntary euthanasia TVC was banned by Australia’s commercial TV regulating authority, CAD. The script was approved and a CAD number issued before commissioning the $50,000 project. Screening permission was withdrawn shortly before the first planned screening on Channel 7 Sun12 Sept 2010.

Reasons provided: ‘CAD has withdrawn the CAD number for the Voluntary Euthanasia TVC on the basis that it does not comply with section 2.17 of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice. Section 2.17.5 provides that a realistic depiction of methods of suicide, or promotion or encouragement of suicide is material that will invariably be unsuitable for television.’

We have considered that an advertisement for voluntary euthanasia is a promotion or encouragement of suicide as voluntary euthanasia would be considered to be a subset of suicide.’

Alison Lee
Lawyer – Commercials Advice
Free TV Australia

Exit International is now considering legal action to this flawed legal-political reasoning.”

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Fukushima in Recriticality?

September 10, 2011

Fukushima in Recriticality? with Nuclear Fuel into the Ground 9/9/11

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