The Black Madonna

July 26, 2011

History of the Black Madonna (Knights Templar)

Just reading a bit about the Templars today, because Norwegian nutjob Breivik seemed to like them and they are popping up all over the globe:

*‘The Knights Templar’: Mexico’s newest drug cartel

Doing so, I stumbled onto this strange story:

*Murdoch Threat To Expose Obama As “Christ-Child” Ignites Western Fury

Some highlights:

“Murdoch’s paternal grandfather was a minister with the Free Church of Scotland, this report says, and upon his fathers, Sir Keith Arthur Murdoch (1885-1952), immigration from Cruden, Scotland to Victoria, Australia in 1884 the Knights Templar provided the resources upon which the global media empire of The News Corporation currently stands today.”

“According to the FSB, this astonishing book claims that Obama is a direct descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene who since birth has been protected by the Knights Templar and whose “mission” is to forge a world-wide peace among all mankind, but not before first destroying the “Old World Order” (like Samson “Man of the Sun” destroying the pillars of the temple) that has brought our planet to the brink of destruction.

Should this knowledge about Obama be understood by the masses, the FSB reports, the stability of the United States “could not be assured” as tens of millions of Americans would immediately revolt against him believing him to be the feared “Anti-Christ” prophesied to come in the last days of our Earth.”

Just sharing some of the strange stuff I encounter.

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