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Worth Dying for

July 20, 2011

She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for.

“This is a non-commercial attempt to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless ‘consumers’ are combining to destroy life on earth. It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network (”


The Pesticide Sheriff

July 20, 2011

Interview with the Pesticide Sheriff from

“From, the Health Ranger interviews Dr. Mitch, the “Pesticide Sheriff” from – talking about the dangers of chemical pesticides and the availability of safer, more natural bug-killing products that are based on plants rather than chemicals.”

*Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human Cells

“Used in gardens, farms, and parks around the world, the weed killer Roundup contains an ingredient that can suffocate human cells in a laboratory…”

*Roundup: Birth Defects Caused By World’s Top-Selling Weedkiller, Scientists Say

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